Liam Evans, Tyler Tanner and
April 05, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 31sec

In the darkness of their dungeon, Liam Evans and Tyler Tanner start slow.

With a tender kiss against a leather bench, both of the smooth studs in black jockstraps lose themselves. Their spit-swap soon evolves into Liam pulling Tyler’s cock out of his jockstrap and Liam putting his mouth to work on it. He swallows it whole, like he’s needed it his whole life. Tyler, in turn, places his face between Liam’s ass cheeks and goes to work tonguing the hungry bottom’s yearning hole. He elicits soft moans from the smooth stud.

Still bent over, ...[Read more]

Still bent over, Tyler slides his hard cock up Liam’s starving hole with ease. Tyler’s fuck is slow, at first, then builds in speed to a proper pounding. Liam welcomes the brutality with an increase in the volume of his moans, and bucking his ass back and forth against the bench. Tyler’s balls tighten and he groans as his cock unleashes a wad of cum inside his favorite cum-dump...

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