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Jeremy George, Julian Waits, Mikey Knight, Sean Duran and
October 06, 2021 | Full Length Video : 18min 2sec

For some men, the chasing for a sex partner is part of the thrill. For others, they love the simple, straightforward atmosphere of a good old fashioned orgy. For Sean and his buddy Jeremy, they come prepared with raging hard-ons and a need to breed.

At this particular house, the bottoms set themselves up in bedrooms, holes open and waiting for anyone to come in and breed them. Mikey loves seeing his tops before the impale him, so he gets himself comfortable on the bed with his legs up and hole out, anxiously excited for the first cock to enter.

To his amazement, ...[Read more]

To his amazement, tall, muscular, tattooed alpha top Sean walks in, already lubed up and sniffing out a hole to breed. Mikey’s posture is just how Sean likes his willing bottom subs, so he wastes no time in small talk and just simply slides his unwrapped tool deep in Mikey’s ass.

Mikey pants and gasps, astounded and excited by the relentless fury of Sean’s sleazy strokes. Pre-cum starts to trickle out of Mikey’s hole, and before long, Sean lets out a satisfied roar, as a jet of his juices enter the boy.

Sean pulls out, seeing his cock drip with his premium load and begins to get dressed. He says nothing and barely even looks at his freshly fucked bottom as he heads back out and makes his way into another room. He didn’t come for conversation. Just to fuck. Mikey is left to deal with crazy quantities of cum dribbling out of his ass, knowing that another top could enter at any moment...

Meanwhile, Jeremy has found his way to a bedroom on the other side of the house, seeing the rosy cheeked Julian on all fours, ass up and open, still wet from a fuck moments prior. He takes off his pants and barely gives the boy any time to catch his breath completely before sliding himself deep into his guts.

Julian moans as his face flushes, reveling in the excitement of another hot top taking advantage of his horny exhibition. He feels the strange member enter him, pounding up against his prostate, attempting to finish the job the previous top started in getting him off.

The strokes at first are slow and deep. Jeremy wants to savour every moment of this illicit encounter. But then the pace quickly intensifies and, very soon, Jeremy is vigorously smashing his rock hard dick into the moaning boy, his need to breed increasing with every stroke.

Jeremy cums hard and shoots big, emptying his huge, wet load into Julian’s cute hairless hole. Jeremy remains in shock, feeling the warmness of the man’s cum mix with the previous batch, all the while his raging erection still remains desperate to cum. He holds off touching himself, knowing the same as Mikey that the night is hardly over!

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