Jeremy George, Troye Jacobs and
December 29, 2021 | Full Length Video : 22min 49sec

You’d struggle to find two guys who are more different than Jeremy George and Troye Jacobs. Jeremy is hunky, hairy, tanned and bearded. Skinny Troye has skin like alabaster and not a hair on his cute, little body. But as they stand in their jockstraps kissing tenderly, hands gently exploring each other’s bodies, it’s clear that these two complement each other perfectly!

These two guys are totally into one another and the passion ramps up pretty quick. Troye runs his hand sensuously up and down the growing bulge in Jeremy’s jock before dropping to his knees and wrapping his soft lips around the young otter’s big dick. Jeremy is rock hard in seconds. He places his hand on the back of Troye’s head and guides the boy’s mouth on a journey over the length of his shaft.

Jeremy leads Troye ...[Read more]

Jeremy leads Troye to the sling in the corner of the room and encourages him to climb in, kneeling between his legs and using his talented tongue to prise open the quavering boy’s tight hole.

A few minutes later, Jeremy lubes up his massive meat and slowly slides it into Troye’s ass. He gives the boy a little time to get used to the intense sensation before starting to grind.

Troye, panting, lies back in the sling, skin covered in goosebumps as Jeremy’s thrusts become more and more intense. They lock eyes. Jeremy grits his teeth and bangs harder, smiling wickedly at the look of helplessness on Troye’s face.

Jeremy varies the pace to keep the gasping twink’s toes curled. This is textbook penetration! Jeremy slowly builds to a climax, slamming harder and faster with each stroke as the juices rise in his shaft.

Jeremy roars as the thick semen gushes out of his dick, deep into Troye’s hole.

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