Jordan Starr, Tyler Tanner and
February 09, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 8sec

Jordan Starr and Tyler Tanner are a promising couple. Obviously it helps that they’re both sickeningly handsome with beautiful, lithe, muscular bodies. Floppy-haired Jordan is taller, hairier and broader than the new boy, Tyler, who has smooth, alabaster skin and radiates an alluring air of innocence. Jordan is clearly gonna have a lot of fun corrupting this sexy young tyke.

Tyler’s soon on his knees, eagerly servicing his mega-hung, six-packed, new master. Jordan whispers words of encouragement to the boy, slowly pushing his stunning dick further into his throat.

Jordan encourages the ...[Read more]

Jordan encourages the young boy to climb into the sling, making sure his legs are spread good and wide in the stirrups. Tyler trembles with nervous excitement, not knowing what to expect, but desperate for whatever’s coming his way.

Jordan gets his tongue lodged inside the boy’s super-tight hole, gently preparing it for a profoundly intense ride.

The sexy top stud stands, spits on his 9-inch dick, and lines it up against the boy’s ass. A moment later, Jordan starts to push himself inside Tyler, who grits his teeth and takes it like a man. Jordan grins wickedly as his dick creeps further into the now-trembling boy. Tyler has plainly never had anything so big inside him; it hurts like hell, but his dick is rock hard.

Jordan starts to bang and grind, picking up the pace and pressure with every sleazy thrust, his masculine hands wrapped around the twink’s slender throat. Jordan is delivering the perfect sexual masterclass and Tyler’s in heaven! With every powerful, lust-fuelled stroke, Jordan gets a little closer to climax.

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