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tyler tanner & liam evans: Chapter 2

November 02, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 44sec

Getting fucked in a sling wasn't enough for cum-dump Liam. He's back in Tyler's dungeon and Tyler's got him face down across a leather bench. Tyler tongue-fucks Liam's asshole in preparation, and that's all it takes to get Liam's jockstrap-clad dick to start humping the bench.

Tyler needs more, though - he absolutely wrecks both ends of the bound slut's body as he plows Liam’s face, then his hole, over and over with his huge cock. Liam can't even keep his eyes open, that's how much he loves having a huge dick slam into his prostate. This is the second load he's taken from Tyler in this dungeon, and as much of a cum-dumpster Liam is, he's sure to take more.

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