Liam Evans, Tyler Tanner and
July 13, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 23sec

These two cute boys could almost be brothers. They’re both lean, smooth, and brown-haired with a similar frame and height. It’s hot to see them making out wearing nothing but tight-fitting jockstraps. And judging by the way that they’re seductively caressing each other, it’s clear that they’re heavily into each other.

Liam sinks to his knees and starts to suck Tyler’s mushroom-headed dick, allowing his soft, rosy lips to glide up and down its throbbing, thick shaft. Tyler grabs the back of Liam’s head, guiding the boy’s mouth into all the right places and gasping in pure ecstasy when he hits the bullseye on the back of his throat!

Tyler pulls Liam ...[Read more]

Tyler pulls Liam to his feet and leads him across to the dungeon’s sling, encouraging him to climb inside and spread his legs wide apart by the stirrups. Tyler squats and uses his slippery tongue to probe Liam’s tight ass, slowly but surely opening it up and preparing it for deep penetration.

Tyler stands and immediately pushes his veiny meat into Liam’s tight hole. It slides in like a hot knife into butter and Tyler is soon aggressively thrusting in and out of Liam like a dog in heat. Liam groans, totally immersed in the moment, waves of complete pleasure cascading over his beautiful body.

The tempo increases as Tyler’s dick gets nearer and nearer to exploding. He engages his hips and pounds with great force as the semen starts to tingle in his balls. Unable to hold off any longer, Tyler cums with great force, straight into Liam’s pulsating ass.

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