Jack Hunter and Trystan Turner
September 07, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 36sec

Trystan Turner can’t resist the chance to make his on-camera debut with Jack Hunter, and who can blame him? After a brief interview (Trystan is a big motorhead), the two hunks start making out on the bed in their briefs.

Before too long, Jack has Trystan stripped down and on his back, working his cock while Trystan runs his hands over Jack’s hair. You can see his abs rippling as he shivers with pleasure from the blowjob, before he turns the tables and gets Jack half sitting up in bed, sucking his dick and playing with his low-hanging balls.

That’s more than ...[Read more]

That’s more than enough to get these two horned up to fuck, and after Jack worships Trystan’s perfect peach (that arch when he’s on all fours is hot enough to make you leak), he’s quickly sliding his fat bare dick into it, stretching Trystan and making him moan. Trystan eagerly sits on Jack’s lap and fucks himself, before he gets thrown onto his back, legs spread wide to take Jack’s dick. “I’m close,” Trystan whispers, before asking permission to cum. Allowed to by Jack, he blows all over his six pack while Jack keeps right on fucking him, till he can’t help but breed Trystan’s ass.

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