Spencer Daley, Tom Bentley and
April 20, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 34sec

It’s hard to imagine wearing less without being fully exposed. That’s one of the reasons why so many gay man love jockstraps. It’s almost all-access, with just enough held back to be intriguing.

It’s that sensation that courses through Tom’s body when he and Spencer start making out. The cute boys’ hands are roaming all over; those jockstraps reveal plenty of skin ready for caressing. Tongue wraps around tongue adding even more heat to the desire they’ve got burning inside.

Spencer’s ready to ...[Read more]

Spencer’s ready to take a taste of what that jockstrap has been keeping concealed, and boy, is it a beauty! Long, hard, and thick: every deepthroater’s dream! Bobbing up and down on it, taking its full length down his gullet, tickling with his tongue. Tom’s moans show that he’s loving the sensations and shivers this master sword-swallower is serving!

Tom’s tongue wants back in on the action and, without having to move Spencer’s jockstrap, he’s got one main target in mind - that hole! Spencer lays himself across the table to give total access to his hungry hole and Tom dives deep. Now it’s Spencer’s turn to feel all the tingles and Tom is making sure his soon-to-be-bottom is properly spit-lubed and ready for the fucking to come!

Once everything’s nice and wet, Tom lines his hard cock up, grabs Spencer by the jock, and plunges his way in. Spencer opens up and moans in ecstasy; this is what Tom had been preparing him for. Tom uses the jockstrap for leverage so he can fuck harder and deeper and you can hear in Spencer’s voice that Tom’s hitting the spot!

Tom isn’t going to be able to hold back much longer, and Spencer is ready to take the squirting that’s about to happen. Tom grunts as he pounds! With him being so turned on by the jockstraps, how long will it be before he blasts a huge load into Spencer’s willing hole?

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