Jax Thirio, Tom Bentley and
March 08, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 16sec

After his hole’s been used for three sweaty sessions in the darkness of their dungeon, Jax Thirio’s ready to turn the tables and top cute twink Tom Bentley.

He feeds Tom’s hungry mouth with his tasty meat—the twink slurping and gagging on it like he hasn’t eaten in days. Jax throws Tom into a leather sling to prepare himself for his own meal. He tastes the walls of Tom’s hole with the same ravenous appetite Tom had just moments ago with his own throbbing manmeat.

Done with the ...[Read more]

Done with the appetizer, Jax moves on to his main course. He pushes himself deep inside Tom. Tom's eyes roll back as Jax inserts himself deeper and deeper with a force that could un-tether the swing holding his body in place…

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