Jax Thirio, Tom Bentley and
October 05, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 51sec

Embracing amidst the dimly lit, shadowy, erotic dungeon, legendary fuck partners Tom Bentley and Jax Thiro make good on their promise to meet yet again! Already hard as steel within their silky black jockstraps, the two lovers’ bodies are covered in a sheen of sweat. They share an undeniable physical chemistry as their hands and mouths eagerly explore one another’s bodies.

Tom is so excited to be with Jax again and can’t get enough of his hands roaming up and down his older partner’s incredibly sexy muscular pecs and abs. Jax adores the attention from his younger lover and squeezes Tom’s perky ass with both hands.

As the horny ...[Read more]

As the horny studs feel each other up and make out, Tom makes no bones about how badly he wants and needs his DILF lover’s sumptuous ass. Likewise, Jax can’t keep his hands off of Tom’s protruding member, nearly bursting through the jockstrap. Which causes the young twink’s arousal to soar and he quickly throws the underwear off!

Upon command, Jax takes Tom’s huge, thick, veiny cock into his mouth. The ultra attractive muscle daddy sucks with a vigor and animal hunger that drives the moaning twink into a state of sheer bliss. Jax loves Tom’s nasty, dirty words of encouragement as he takes his dick as deep down his throat as he can handle. The horny daddy loves getting face fucked and is soon taking the twink’s massive pole even deeper down his throat than he previously imagined was possible!

As much as the deep throating and gagging has turned on the raunchily horny twink, he is in voracious need of his favorite DILF’s tight, savory hole. Tom shoves his wet, long tongue down the wildly sensitive meat tunnel. Jax’s loud moans echo throughout the sex chamber as Tom expertly gets his daddy lover’s hole ready to be passionately fucked!

Jax begs the smoking hot, tight-bodied twink to put his enormous boy rod inside of him. He doesn’t just want to be fucked, he wants to be completely and utterly used and wrecked. And Tom is more than prepared to make the DILF’s wish his command. The twinky dream boy has every intention of not just using his loverman’s body, but plowing that meaty ass until that hole is red hot and gaping!

Soon, Tom is fucking the lucky daddy with wild, reckless abandon. The lust-consumed young man pounds Jax’s muscular body more passionately than ever before! Jax can only moan and beg the boy to go deeper and his near frantic cries of pleasure finally cause Tom to launch his thick, massive load into his lover’s pulverized ass!

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