Jax Thirio, Tom Bentley and
July 27, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 38sec

Tom Bentley and Jax Thirio have proven themselves on countless occasions to be a winning combination. They’re one of those charismatic pairings who exude sensual chemistry. They like each other. They get each other. They want each other.

They make out eagerly, muttering lustfully to each other, dicks hard as concrete in their jockstraps. Tom is clearly angling for the top bunk in today’s encounter and Jax is soon on all fours on a bench, deep-throating and periodically choking on the younger boy’s huge dick.

Tom gets his ...[Read more]

Tom gets his wet tongue lodged firmly between the solid, muscular cheeks of Jax’ tasty ass. Tom is planning to give his sexy, beefy companion the ride of his life, so Jax’ throbbing hole will need to be as loose and wet as possible.

Tom stands behind Jax and slowly sinks his beautiful meat into the handsome older man. Jax moans and whimpers like a hungry slut as Tom starts to thrust and grind. He picks up the pace and begins to slam his raw, greased-up dick into Jax’ guts with near-relentless force.

This boy may well spend most of his screen life on the end of various older dudes’ dicks, but he sure knows how to dominate! This is text book long-dicking and Jax’ head is spinning in pure ecstasy.

Tom bangs faster and harder until he’s ready to explode. He feels the cum rising in his balls, then shooting up his shaft before bursting like a rocket deep into Jax’ belly.

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