Jax Thirio and
January 26, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 11sec

Beautiful twink, Tom Bentley, pairs up with Jax-the-body-Thirio in a sensuous and deeply intimate encounter. The lights are low in the dungeon and it's clear from the start that these two guys are seriously into each other.

Tom often appears as the all-American, innocent boy-next-door type, so the sight of him with stubble, tattoos on display, and tongue rammed aggressively down another dude’s throat while he whispers sleazy one-liners is surprisingly hot.

Tom slides his ...[Read more]

Tom slides his finger into Jax’ hungry hole as the two men kiss passionately. This erstwhile bottom boy is desperate to shove his big, thick boy dick into his tanned, chiseled partner.

Jax is soon on his knees, lips wrapped tightly around the boy’s impressive meat, choking repeatedly as Tom’s dick slides in and out of his throat. Tom wants to use Jax. In fact, he wants to dominate him!

Tom leads Jax to the sling and makes sure he’s spreadeagled inside it, begging desperately to be penetrated. Tom cruelly delays the inevitable by teasing Jax’ tight, muscular hole with his probing tongue.

Tom pushes his raw, 8-inch pole deep into a gasping Jax who can’t quite believe how big it feels inside him. The speed of Tom’s thrusting increases with every lust-fuelled stroke, and he’s soon banging his prey with animalistic, brutal and domineering power, hands simultaneously choking Jax’ whimpering throat.

The sex becomes frenzied. The two men are locked in a sleazy, carnal embrace, roaring deeply, pounding, slamming, writhing, craving every inch of each other.

The cum-explosion is intense. Tom’s dick literally bursts inside Jax, spraying his insides with gallons of thick, white cream, which squirt out like a water cannon as he pulls out.

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