Jack Bailey, Tom Bentley and
April 13, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 36sec

Jack’s backside is far too big for everyday underwear to contain, especially once he chubs ups making out with pierced twink Tom. That’s why the orange and yellow jockstrap Jack wears is perfect for a good breeding session.

They playfully make out first, exploring each other’s smooth bodies. Their hands gently explore while their tongues intertwine, sending even more passion into their already growing dicks. Tom particularly likes to focus on his fuck-buddy’s hard little nipples and Jack’s bulge shows that he’s heading in the right direction.

Jack loves playing ...[Read more]

Jack loves playing with his partner’s underwear, but the time comes where those bad boys need to come off! Jack sucks on Tom masterfully, eventually deep throating it down to the hilt to get that big dick ready for hot twink-on-twink action. Jack shows he’s trained his throat for this moment and takes full advantage of his relaxed gag reflex.

Jack can’t help but moan as Tom spins him around and starts sliding his huge cock in and out of Jack's sweet bubble ass. Grabbing the jock, Tom pumps Jack silly in several different positions. Jack loves them all: missionary, sidesaddle, doggy, and more!

And Jack’s moans let Tom know just how much he loves them, and, more importantly, to keep going!

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