Scott Demarco, Todd Michaels and
October 03, 2016 | Full Length Video : 18min 29sec

Todd kneels on chair blindfolded and ass presented - framed nicely in a jock. His hole twitches in anticipation as the door opens and Scott walks in.

Scott grabs his ass - spanks it and fondles his hole. Todd breathes heavily as the wanting builds in while Scott fingers his hole. Scott wastes no time and shoves his erect cock in the mouth of the blindfolded blonde boy. Suck that cock he commands and Todd eagerly complies. He face fucks Todd who gags on Scott's thick tool.

"That's a nice ...[Read more]

"That's a nice ass" and that ass gets licked and then Scott's bare cock goes deep and hard into that tight ass. Scott grabs at his shoulders and hair as he fucks the hell out of the mysterious bottom.

He bounces that ass all over his cock and then delivers a massive load deep inside Todd's ass - the river of cum that exudes after he pulls out is insane.

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