Spencer Daley and
January 27, 2021 | Full Length Video : 13min 3sec

Strawberry blond stud Spencer Daley has a thin sheen of sweat covering his bare torso. He’s standing shirtless in the gym, getting his pump on and showing off his muscles for the lucky cameras.

Later, freshly showered in the hotel room and wearing bright red briefs, Spencer climbs onto the bed to put on another show. Rubbing his bulge and biting his lip, he teasingly tugs down his waistband to reveal a quick glimpse of his trimmed pubes and then his smooth, round ass.

Before long, he ...[Read more]

Before long, he has his cock out, pulling on his quickly growing erection. Stepping out of the briefs, Spencer bends forward to offer a look at his perfect hole. Then he throws himself up onto the bed and stretches out. Propped against the hotel pillows, Spender wraps one hand around his long, curved cock, while his other hand finds his hole and starts finger fucking it.

With stimulation on both his cock and hole, Spencer doesn’t last too long, and is soon spraying his abs with a thick load of cum, before looking directly into the camera and licking his sticky fingers clean.

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