Logan Carter, Spencer Daley and
March 27, 2019 | Full Length Video : 12min 4sec

Spencer can't get enough cock! He loves being on set and getting fucked, no matter by who or where. The horny blonde has even had a long-time fantasy of being fucked and bred by an anonymous stranger! Joining Jason's exclusive sex club, he gets his wish by aggreeing to submit to whichever of the members wants to fuck his perfect, round ass!

Collared up, stripped down, and hooded, he waits patiently as dom top Logan makes good use of his hungry mouth. The muscle man's cock goes deep into his throat, making him work hard to stay in place and take it down! Spencer's imagination goes wild as his dick gets harder, wondering who it is that's face fucking him! Logan turns him over, letting his head hang down as he shoves his fuck meat back between his soft, wet lips. He milks out his alpha load as Spencer dutifully sucks it down, desperate to not let a single drop go to waste.

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