Seamus O'reilly, Torin Sevaggio and
September 23, 2020 | Full Length Video : 9min 32sec

Torin loves feeling Seamus nuzzle up to him like a playful little puppy. The scruffy ginger tugs on his cock as he kisses up his neck, getting his partner worked up and excited before swallowing his thick, hairy meat. Torin is impressed with Seamus’ skills, feeling his cock disappear down his throat even as it gets harder and bigger.

As much as he loves having his cock serviced, the handsome man can’t resist the feel of Seamus’ smooth, round ass pressed firmly against his face. Seamus’ hole only needs a modest amount of spit to take the big man’s raw cock, feeling it break through his tight sphincter as it dominates his insides with a good thrust of Torin’s pelvis!

Bent on all ...[Read more]

Bent on all fours and forced into submission, Seamus moans into the Nashville bedspread, taking every inch of his tall top’s powerful cock. Torin can barely hold back his desire to fill him with his hot load, fucking him hard and rough before they both lose control and spill their seed over one another...

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