Logan Carter, Scott Bisset and
January 28, 2020 | Full Length Video : 13min 4sec

Logan strokes his cock as he feels his nuts swell up with cum. Staring down at Scott’s beautiful, smooth ass, Logan pumps himself up to pry deep into his tight hole. He slides his shaft between his cheeks, feeling the soft sphincter give way to his manhood, taking him in without hesitation or resistence. The blind-folded boy submits without question, giving his bottom complete ease with which to take the anonymous alpha top’s cock!

As Logan feels the extent of his sexual power and dominance, his muscles thrust harder, working exclusively toward his own desires. The aggressive top massages his shaft with Scott’s insides, fucking him deeper and more aggressively as he ignores bottom’s moans. Scott’s helpless cock leaks precum; pushed out by Logan’s intense pounding and from knowing that he’s there for no other purpose than to give his master pleasure…

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