Logan Carter, Scott Bisset and
July 16, 2019 | Full Length Video : 17min 52sec

Scott is a horny young bottom who loves nothing more than fooling around and getting off. It’s no surprise that he has to check out Jason Spark’s sex club as soon as he hears the news! He knows the elite crew Jason runs with well and is turned on by the idea of getting fucked and filled by any of them. After a thorough inspection, Jason sees that the hung bottom is a perfect fit for his club and preps him to be the newest fuckhole for his dominant tops. After Scott is stripped and blindfolded, Logan finds Scott set up on his back and is eager to try out the new meat! The hot top feeds the bottom boy his thick dick, watching as the young man happily sucks on his anonymous piece, knowing only that it is one of Jason’s elite, hot, muscular members. The power and control drives Logan wild, feeling his nuts fill with cum as he fucks his hungry submissive’s face.

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