Lee Buttons, Ryan Powers and
April 21, 2021 | Full Length Video : 16min 35sec

Ryan met Lee in a crowded, fairly sleazy bar in Midtown Atlanta. It was a hot, sticky summer night and the two men instantly hit it off. It seemed clear to them both that a night of pretty wild sex was in the cards.

Ryan’s a real hot dude; sandy-haired, a neat, cropped beard, in great shape and with a body covered in tattoos. He’s from out of town, so when he walked into the bar, the eyes of the room bore into him...

He instantly spotted ...[Read more]

He instantly spotted Lee sitting alone at the bar; pale skin, a cute beard, cropped hair with a cool bar piercing through the top of his ear. Ryan could tell he was hung from the bulge in his jeans and the way he was confidently, maybe invitingly, sitting with his legs slightly apart. He didn’t need to look anywhere else, Lee was the man he’d come out hoping to find....

They chatted for a while. Small talk. Nothing too specific. Each willing the other to make the first move. In the end, it was Ryan who took the initiative, leaning forward to kiss Lee while some invisible magnetic force pulled his hand down to his crotch!

Less than half an hour later, they were back at Ryan’s hotel room, stripped down to their briefs, kissing wildly on the bed. This wasn’t tender, delicate kissing--it was the sort of kissing which came with the promise of a hard fuck. Ryan groped Lee’s 9-inch dick through his underwear, feeling it stiffening with every tug. This was going to be awesome!

Everything seemed to move at lightning speed. Within minutes, Ryan was keenly sucking Lee’s rock hard cock - and let’s just say that Ryan is an expert in that particular skill! If he wants to, he can make a man shoot his load in seconds. Lee threw himself back onto the bed, allowing the waves of pleasure to ripple through his tight body while pushing the back of Ryan’s head further and further south until he felt his dick sliding into his throat.

Lee returned the favour and sucked Ryan for some time, enjoying the taste of his beautiful dick and the musky, sex-fuelled scent of his body. It made him rock hard and desperate to get his cock inside him.

Unable to hold off any longer, Lee pushed Ryan’s face down on the bed and started prepping his hole for fucking. He knows his cock is a weapon and that any hole destined to take it needs to be good and wet. He could feel his cock throbbing. Pre-cum started excitedly oozing out and glistening on his head. He took a moment to enjoy the thought that nature can provide two men with all the lubricant they need to bang each other real hard.

He pushed his entire length inside Ryan with some force and immediately started power thrusting. The ultra-intensity of the sensation instantly took Ryan’s breath away and he grabbed Lee’s thigh and whispered for him not to take things too fast.

Lee took no notice. He’d been pushed over the edge by the muscular tightness of Ryan’s ass and the fucking became frenzied, almost animalistic. Ryan could do nothing but gasp with pleasure while his insides were brutalised by this fevered fuck monster. He turned himself around, pulling one leg up onto the bed as the ride of his life continued.

Before long, Lee was behind him, half kneeling, half squatting to get as much power as he could into his lethal thrusts. Ryan’s eyes began to water. He couldn’t believe the speed and energy of the fuck.

Lee’s face contorted and reddened as he gritted his teeth to deliver the final epic blows. His cock exploded like a cannon inside Ryan, bellowing powerful jets of semen deep into his guts.

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