Brogan Reed, Ryan and
February 10, 2021 | Full Length Video : 11min 32sec

Ryan Cummings’ deepthroat skills have Brogan Reed up against the wall. Ryan looks up at him, trying to catch his breath, and tells Brogan to fuck his mouth. Brogan starts bucking his hips with one hand behind Ryan’s head to keep him down deep on his cock.

Neither man can withstand much more of that, and soon Ryan is sliding up and down on Brogan’s raw dick cowboy style, letting out a moan as he abruptly cums handsfree all over Brogan’s abs! But the party isn’t over until Brogan gets his nut too.

Taking control of ...[Read more]

Taking control of Ryan, Brogan bends him over the side of the bed to fuck him hard and fast. Ryan pushes back into him, unable to deny his power bottom urges. He’s also still fully erect and stroking again. Brogan grips Ryan’s hips and plunges into his hole with wet slaps that get a lot wetter as Brogan releases a flood of hot cum inside Ryan’s ass. When he pulls out, a river of hot cum falls out of Ryan’s raw hole right toward your face.

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