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Romeo Davis & Jack Bailey Chapter 1

December 15, 2021 | Full Length Video : 24min 57sec

RawFuckBoys continues with a red hot dungeon fuck-fest featuring sandy-haired twink, Jack Bailey, and the tattoo-covered, dangerous-looking, Romeo Davis.

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The two guys kiss passionately, almost desperately. Romeo wraps his hands around Jack’s neck. It’s important the boy knows who’s calling the shots…

Jack licks and sucks on Romeo’s nipples. The older dude smiles wickedly and thinks nasty thoughts. This twink’s gonna get it hard. Romeo casually spits on his hand and starts to ram his fingers into the boy’s tight hole.

Romeo’s trunks come down and his immense dick springs out, ready for action. Boy-whore, Jack, dutifully drops to his knees and gets sucking. Within seconds he’s choking, taking Romeo’s massive meat deep into his hungry throat.

Jack is soon in the dungeon’s leather sling, legs wide apart with Romeo’s snake-like tongue probing deep into his smooth ass, stretching his hole out in readiness for what’s plainly gonna be a brutal banging.

Moments later, Romeo is pushing his enormous dick into the boy and a wide-eyed Jack is gasping, swearing, and yelling helplessly. Romeo rides the twink hard and without mercy, hands over Jack’s mouth to keep the screaming boy quiet as his insides are rearranged.

Jack grits his teeth, almost unable to comprehend the intensity of what’s happening to him, slowly entering an ecstatic trance, entirely addicted to the power top’s blistering strokes which speed to a bewildering pace as he approaches climax.

Romeo blasts his juices deep into the boy. It’s a big, creamy load which squirts everywhere as he pulls out. The hung dom has achieved his sleazy objective; young Jack’s hole has been well-and-truly wrecked.

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