Jack Bailey, Romeo Davis and
September 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 51sec

The obvious aesthetic contrast between tattooed “bad boy” Romeo Davis and cherub-faced Jack Bailey is clear to see as they get each other going with a hot makeout session. However, it’s also clear from the get-go that each of these men are just as naughty as the other.

Both men’s shirts are quick to come off as they continue to kiss deeply in the throes of passion. Romeo has his hands down the back of Jack’s shorts, taking firm hold of the sexy twink’s cheeks which are perfectly framed by a white jockstrap.

Soon enough, Jack ...[Read more]

Soon enough, Jack is on his knees and pulling Romeo’s big, thick, engorged uncut dick out of his athletic shorts. The twink promptly takes the meat into his mouth and deep back into his throat. Romeo moans and voices his pleasure as he fucks the boy’s mouth.

Romeo commands Jack to get on the bed and present his ass and Jack is more than happy to oblige. Romeo buries his face in the sexy twink’s ass. Jack moans and coos as Romeo expertly eats him out, parting his cheeks to get his tongue deep into his hungry hole.

Romeo has Jack turn over and lay on his back for him to slide inside. He asks the boy if he’s ready. Romeo points his cock directly at the hungry hole and pushes it in. Jack’s eyes and mouth open wide as he welcomes the giant cock invading his insides.

Moans from both men let the other know the intense pleasure they’re giving one another as a good fuck-rhythm gets going. Romeo gets Jack back on all fours and slides in from behind, pounding him harder and deeper.

He picks up the pace even faster as his balls get tighter and tighter, heading towards orgasm. His moans become all the more guttural as he reaches the limit and blows his load deep in the twink’s guts.

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