Peter, Spencer Daley and
May 19, 2021 | Full Length Video : 14min 56sec

Peter couldn’t wait to go back to Spencer’s room. The blonde beefcake was visiting Salt Lake City with hard cock on the mind, eager to see what this scruffy stud had hidden inside his jock. With his back-turned hat, lean body, and sensual mouth, Peter made Spencer hungry to fuck.

The two swapped spit with hungry tongues. Lips locked and legs entwined, the two made out in bed while feeling their underwear getting tighter and tighter. Peter’s furry chest gave Spencer something to play with as his hands moved down from Peter’s neck to his crotch. He couldn’t believe how sexy this man was, and his heart pounded thinking of taking him deep in his hole.

Pulling down the ...[Read more]

Pulling down the straps of the jock, Spencer took Peter’s hard cock in his mouth, slurping it down as it swelled up in his mouth. Spencer’s boyish face puckered up as it swallowed Peter down, tasting the shaft and hairy nuts as his special guest moaned in delight. The blonde clearly was an expert at sucking cock, making Peter even more horny to fuck his ass.

Before he could plunge his meat between Spencer’s cheeks, he wanted to taste the smooth stud’s hole. Peter got him on all fours, pulled the white ass apart like it was two loaves of bread, watched the pink hole split open. He buried his tongue deep between, feeling the meaty bubble ass close in on his face as he let the cheeks go.

Spencer could feel his sphincter getting wet and warm from the rimming, practically kissing his newfound friend back! That was all the invite that Peter needed to mount up behind him, sliding his cock inside and feeling the hole wrap around his hairy cock.

Peter gripped Spencer’s hips, grabbed onto the waist band of the jock strap, and started sport-fucking him into submission. Spencer grasped at the bedspread, trying to get more leverage as Peter held him in place and pounded him with raw cock. Spencer loved every second of it, wanting it as rough and as nasty as Peter needed, desperate to feel that pent-up load flood his guts!

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