Lucas Wright and Parker James
August 24, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 14sec

Parker James and Lucas Wright felt an erotic connection at the very beginning of their friendship. It wasn’t long before these smooth, lean-bodied studs found themselves in the bedroom, taking their longing to the next level.

After some hot, tender making out and steamy kisses to get warmed up, Parker finds that his hunger for more can’t wait. Lucas is more than eager to provide his new lover with the juicy meat that he needs. Parker’s lips and tongue feel amazing on Lucas’s cock and he lets him know about it with sizzling moans.

Parker isn’t the ...[Read more]

Parker isn’t the only growing boy who is hungry. Lucas has a simmering appetite for Parker’s perfectly shaped ass. And what a tasty delicacy it is, for sure! Lucas expertly finds all of the sweet, sensitive places that send Parker into an oasis of pleasure.

Lucas definitely needs to place more than his tongue into Parker’s tight entry. As he slides his boy meat deep inside of Parker’s sexy curves, Lucas finds that his appetite is indeed voracious. These jock dream boys enjoy one another’s slow, rhythmic movements of heat and lust as Lucas works his way deeper and deeper into Parker’s hunky body.

Soon enough, Parker finds himself on his back taking the best pounding he can remember in a long time. Lucas passionately drives his cock even deeper into his jock lover’s perfect hole until he can’t help but unleash a HUGE load of cum inside!

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