Brogan Reed, Mikkel and
November 27, 2016 | Full Length Video : 26min 15sec

Blindfolded and rock hard on the bed Mikkel's ass is getting fingered by Brogan. The mystery of what's happening heightening his arousal as he moans in ecstasy almost begging Brogan to enter that hole.

Brogan's going to be a fuck tease and sucks his cock first then rims his hole. The sensation of tongue on ass burying deep deep inside makes Mikkel moan again.

Now muscled Brogan ...[Read more]

Now muscled Brogan is ready to raw fuck that hole and he spins him over face down on the bed and pounds his waiting hole with ferocity. But in a twist they flip and now Brogan is on top of Mikkel's dick bouncing up and down.

Mikkel ends up with Brogan's cock in his mouth pulling his own dick til it erupts - never seeing the face of the fucker who gave him so much pleasure.

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