Connor Taylor, Jason Sparks, Mikey Knight and
December 30, 2020 | Full Length Video : 21min 52sec

Twink boy Mikey Knight strokes his cock alone in his room and decides to include a big dildo in his fun. He’s teasing his hole and is about to shove it in when he’s caught by Jason Sparks, who offers to join him along with his buddy Connor Taylor. After they all get naked, Jason gets on the bed so Mikey can suck his cock while twink Connor plays with Mikey’s ass. Connor starts rimming Mikey, and Jason grabs his phone to get a POV recording of Mikey’s mouth on his cock.

Then Jason wants to put his cock in Mikey’s ass, so holds his phone to get a shot of himself impaling Mikey’s hole. While he's getting fucked, Mikey sucks on Connor’s long pole and moans with pleasure.

Soon enough, the ...[Read more]

Soon enough, the tops turn Mikey around so Connor can get in the bottom’s ass doggy style. We know Connor is going deep because Mikey starts moaning loudly and then whimpering.

When Jason takes another turn, he busts his load in Mikey’s ass and watches his phone as it records the image of his cum leaking out of Mikey's hole. Connor tells Jason to move so he can cum on Mikey’s ass too. Mikey begs for it, and Connor shoots on Mikey’s hole.

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