Max Lorde, Mike Edge and
September 07, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 21sec

Two super-sexy twinks make out on a bench in a darkroom, naked, but for tightly-fitted jockstraps. Beautiful lighting makes their smooth, pale bodies glow against the pitch black walls. The taller of the two, Max, has flame-like, curly hair and rebellious ear piercings. Mike is more tanned with dark, cropped hair.

They’re obviously very into each other. Their tongues dance. Their hands grope and grasp. Sparks of extreme lust fly into the ether. Mike’s rock solid dick begins to appear over the waistband of his jock and Max soon has his hands and juicy lips wrapped seductively around it.

Max gags noisily ...[Read more]

Max gags noisily as Mike thrusts his mega-dick deep into his throat. Endless strings of saliva spew from his mouth, trickling down Mike’s dangerous-looking shaft.

Mike impatiently positions himself behind Max, slapping the flame-haired boy on the ass before aggressively probing his tight hole with his wet tongue, barely coming up for air in his rush to get Max lubed-up and desperate for dick.

Max’s eyes bulge with astonishment as Mike rams his big dick inside him. Mike’s breathing deepens considerably as his meat begins to tear into Max’ inexperienced flesh.

Mike pumps harder and faster, assassin-like, remaining almost silent as Max whimpers, gasps and writhes. Max’ ass suddenly opens up and Mike is able to slide in and out of it with relatively little friction. The sudden smoothness of the ride immediately tips Mike over the edge. He asks if Max wants his load. Max doesn’t just want it, he begs for it.

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