Max Lorde, Mike Edge and
June 29, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 26sec

The RawFuckBoys stable of boys has a hot new member. Fresh-face Max has strawberry blond hair and alabaster-like skin. And Max has been paired up with Mike and they’re getting down and dirty within seconds.

After minutes of major league making out, Max pushes Mike’s well-fitting jock down and pulls out his rock solid member, eagerly sinking to his knees to get every inch of it into his hungry mouth. It instantly makes him gag and cough-up long strings of slippery saliva, but pleasing Mike is way too important to be derailed by a choking fit!

Max moves to ...[Read more]

Max moves to a sling and keenly jumps into it, spreading his legs and tilting his groin upwards. Mike squats down and instantly gets his twitching tongue teasing the gasping ginger boy’s trembling hole. Mike’s technique is first class. Max’s entire body ripples and flickers with almost desperate desire.

Mike stands and lines his dick up with Max’ hole. Max is momentarily nervous. If he couldn’t deep throat this big dick without choking, how the heck is it gonna feel when it starts pulsating inside his ass?

It turns out, it feels pretty intense!

Max gasps, then lets out a series of helpless grunts and whimpers, staring up at Mike, feeling utterly vulnerable yet desperate for more.

Mike obliges, spearing and skewering his prey with increasing speed and intensity. Max’ eyes widened. He can’t get his head around what’s happening. He can feel Mike’s dick deep in his belly, gushing with pre-cum, pushing aside anything in its way and ruthlessly plundering his innocence.

Mike explodes inside Max, squirting bolt after bolt of precious semen into the boy’s beautiful body.

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