Ethan Tate, Mike Edge and
September 20, 2023 | Full Length Video : 27min 28sec

Mike Edge makes sure his favorite cumdump, Ethan Tate, is comfortable on the leather bench he will be calling home this evening.

Both in matching black jockstraps, the boys begin to passionately kiss, allowing their hands to roam freely all over each other’s frames. Eager boy Ethan bends over the fuck-bench to deep throat his partner’s big cock.

It isn’t long ...[Read more]

It isn’t long before Mike bends his bottom-boy over to gain access to his sweet hole, giving the stud a sensual tongue lashing. As Mike gets ready to fuck the bottom-boy, he grabs hold of Ethan’s throat. Mike’s slow and steady rhythm releases moans that can be heard echoing off the walls of the dungeon…

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