Ethan Tate, Mike Edge and
January 11, 2023 | Full Length Video : 27min 28sec

One session wasn’t enough—Mike Edge needed more of cum dumpster Ethan Tate’s sweet tight hole.

To prepare his cum dump for a second load, Mike gets down to fucking Ethan’s warm throat with his long stiff cock. The way this handsome, dark-haired top shoves his long dick into Ethan Tate is even more merciless than the first time.

After fucking the ...[Read more]

After fucking the cum-dump’s throat and lubing up Ethan’s hole with his warm tongue, Mike Edge blasts a huge, hot load all over his cumdump’s back. He stains his black jock with his thick white load, and uses his seed as an inventive lube to fuck his cock back into Ethan! Mike kisses his bottom’s back while dreaming up new ways to shove another load into Ethan’s used hole…

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