Mike Edge and Declan Gray
September 21, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 24sec

Fans of JockPussy have become familiar with Declan for a while, but he makes his exclusive debut to RawFuckBoys! In this joint production between the two sites, fans of each will get a taste of what the other has to offer!

The raw chemistry between sexy, raven-haired Mike and ginger stud Declan is primal as they kiss. They are wearing matching black jockstraps that perfectly accentuate their perky asses. Their make-out session is starts tender and slow, but they’re more than eager to get down to intense bareback fucking.

Declan paws and ...[Read more]

Declan paws and gropes at Mike’s filled out bulge, getting a good feel of the meat beneath the fabric. Though once he puts his hand underneath and feels the meat, he realizes he doesn’t want to tease either himself or Mike any further.

The sexy red-head promptly drops to his knees and frees the fat, thick knob from its confines and wraps his lips around the mushroom head. With Mike’s moans encouraging him, Declan proceeds to envelope the beautiful cock with his mouth, stroking it in and out of his mouth with his hand.

Mike has Declan get into the sling, getting on his knees and diving into the juicy mound tongue first. Mike expertly licks and even lightly nibbles on Declan’s swollen clit, savoring the taste as Declan moans and writhes in pleasure.

Mike gets back up on his feet, his throbbing raw cock ready to be sunk into Declan’s hungry bonus hole. He goes in slow, letting the sexy ginger feel his hole fill to the brim with throbbing dick. Mike keeps the pace slow and steady as Declan fingers his pulsing member.

The two studs excitedly work each other into a heated frenzy, letting the other’s soft moans and groans signal their respective pleasure. Mike picks up the pace as his balls start to build to explosion. Declan’s juices flow at the idea and he begs the sexy man invading him to flood his pussy with cum. Mike blows inside, pulling out briefly before reentering to mix his juices with Declan’s.

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