Hunter, Logan and
June 30, 2021 | Full Length Video : 17min 36sec

Hunter is a merciless top. He takes what he wants, which invariably is just what his insatiable bottoms craves. Logan is no exception to this rule. With his legs spread wide, his hole open, and eyes covered, the smooth, limber bottom makes the perfect dumping ground for Hunter’s thick, veiny, alpha cock to cum inside.

As the aggressive top dominates the young man’s ass, Hunter’s sculpted body is on perfect display, showing why it is that men beg to be filled with his seed, regardless of how rough or intense it may be to get. Logan is plenty vocal about how much he loves the bull’s hard pounding, breaking through his moans to ask for more, only to have his wish fulfilled by being jackhammered harder and deeper.

Every muscle in ...[Read more]

Every muscle in Hunter’s body flexes as he uses his strength and stamina to drive Logan wild, seeming to control him from the inside out with nothing more than the power of his superior cock. Every hour in the gym has paid off to make him a Titan in the bedroom, and as he grunts and conquers Logan’s hole, he gets himself ever closer to breeding his hungry partner.

Logan feels for something to hold onto as the epic fucking continues, trying to brace himself for the explosive climax. With nothing more than Hunter’s massive pecs to grab, he feels like a ragdoll being shaken with every thrust.

Hunter switches things up and puts Logan all fours, giving him a chance to prop himself in place. Hunter will get off either way, but he knows it’ll be more enjoyable for him if he doesn’t need to keep pulling Logan back onto his cock with each hard slam of his pelvis. With his arms and legs working together, Logan is able to withstand the brutal dicking that Logan is looking for.

Just as Logan thinks his ass is about to split apart, he feels Hunter’s hands grip firmly on his hips, as if fucking his bottom half separately from his top half. The raging erection slams hard into his guts before holding him in place for an intense explosion deep inside. Like a bottle of champagne popping, Logan can feel the muscle top’s seed pour into him, filling every cavity in his hole until he is completely creamed with alpha seed!

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