Calvin, Hunter, Logan and
July 16, 2020 | Full Length Video : 21min 46sec

Hunter loves having his cock sucked. But the way Logan takes it is unlike anything he’s ever experienced before! Seeing his meat disappear in the hungry mouth of a blindfolded bottom was beyond thrilling. He asked Jason if he could set something up for him again, and the horny director was happy to oblige...

This time, however, Jason wants to give his roommate, Hunter, the chance to taste his buddy’s hot, alpha cock! Calvin brings his friend, Logan, with him to film. After all, Calvin loves the idea of being able to watch his friend suck his cock over and over.

Calvin didn’t know ...[Read more]

Calvin didn’t know it was Hunter at first, but the big muscle jock’s moans of pleasure were an easy tell. Regardless, Hunter was happy to take care of his buddy and give him the total anonymous cocksucker fantasy. He worships the big man’s cock, loving every moment of it as it fills his mouth and throat!

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