Logan Carter and
March 10, 2021 | Full Length Video : 15min 42sec

Logan Carter is an absolute dream hunk. Tall, toned, and tattooed, he embodies classic, all-American masculinity. His scruffy beard doesn’t distract from his sweet, green eyes, only reinforcing his manly square jaw. His wide, muscular back and broad pecs make everyone in the gym turn heads, prompting envy and lust at his size and strength.

His dimpled smile shows he’s more playful than mean, but he loves to get rough with anyone who can handle it. As he strips for the camera and shows off his body, he can’t help but tease you with his amazing arms and abs, knowing that he’s got you right where he wants you… worshipping his body and begging for more.

When he pulls ...[Read more]

When he pulls out his throbbing cock and heavy, cum-filled nuts, the scent of his sweaty loins reminds him of the hard work he’s put into his body, making him deserving of a thorough release. Leaning back on the bed, he takes his big dick in his hand, gripping it as he strokes it up and down, causing it to get even larger as he gets closer to busting.

As he edges, his hips lift up, moving as they would when he fucks a tight, hungry hole, desperate to take his load. As he gazes into the camera, it’s impossible not to think about riding this adonis, feeling his powerful cock push deep inside you, filling you with his powerful, protein-fueled muscle milk.

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