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Logan & Calvin Chapter 2

Starring Calvin , Hunter and Logan
September 08, 2021 | Full Length Video : 22min 5sec

Sometimes guys just need to do it! Sex for the sake of sex can be just what the doctor ordered. With that in mind, a group of guys have gathered in a hotel room to get down and dirty! They’ve blindfolded bottom boy, Logan, and are ready to give him a night he’ll never forget. He doesn’t know who’s gonna do him. All he knows is that his mates, Hunter and Jason are gonna film the horny action.

Calvin’s ...More

Calvin’s the lucky guy who gets to top Logan. Logan will never know who’s inside him and he likes it that way. He gets on all fours and spreads his legs as Calvin slams his mega meat into him with increasing speed and force. Logan is so highly turned on that his wet dick leaves a trail of pre-cum on the bedspread.

The sound of intense slamming is deafening. Logan gasps and yells as his silent, abusive, anonymous partner pounds his tight ass. He lies on the edge of the bed, legs in the air, while Calvin continues his relentless, almost superhuman onslaught.

Calvin then decides to get on his back on the bed. Logan squats over him and rides him like a pro, his ass now sloppy with Calvin’s heavy pre-cum. Logan jerks his dick as Calvin rams his giant meat faster and faster into him. The stamina of these guys is insane.

Calvin pulls out and starts to jerk his dick underneath Logan’s ass. The explosion of watery cum is as impressive as an orgasm gets. Seemingly endless spurts of life juice fly from his dick while Logan lowers himself back down onto it, catching the last few slippery blasts deep inside his well-used hole.

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