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Logan, Calvin & Jason

January 13, 2021 | Full Length Video : 20min 55sec

Logan is blindfolded on his knees in front of Jason, while Calvin stands to the side with a video camera. Jason drops his pants and gets his cock in Logan's mouth. Logan is a lean guy and a talented cock sucker. He doesn’t need his hands to get Jason moaning.

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Jason gets Logan on his back with his head hanging off the bed and mounts the twink’s face to fuck his mouth. Through the wet sucking sounds, Logan moans for more. This boy likes having his throat used. Logan’s shaved, uncut cock is rock hard, and he’s barely touched himself as Calvin moves to get a close-up view from the sidelines.

Logan flips over, still blind folded, and the twink’s ass tenses and loosen as he starts humping the bed. When it’s obvious Jason is getting close to cumming, Logan presses his face hard against Jason’s crotch, taking a load of cum straight in his throat. When he pulls back to breathe, gobs of cum leak from Logan's lips, but he goes right back down, causing Jason to spasm.

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