Ethan Tate, Jordan Starr and
December 14, 2022 | Full Length Video : 23min 11sec

The screen sizzles from the second Ethan Tate and Jordan Starr appear. Ethan’s already pawing at Jordan’s crotch, their jockstraps stretched as a result of their intense tongue wrestling.

Ethan’s quick to pull his stiff tool free from the confines of the black fabric. He’s even quicker to get down on his knees and deepthroat Jordan’s big cock.

Hunky Jordan, now ...[Read more]

Hunky Jordan, now even more worked up, gets his adorable cum dump into a sling and dives in tongue first. After a thorough tongue-fuck — and some fingering — he points his hard cock at Ethan’s hole and pushes in.

Once he’s settled into the warm, hungry opening Jordan starts swinging the sling, letting cum-dumpster Ethan rock back and forth on his meat. Jordan’s pace speeds up steadily until his dick spits a hefty load into Ethan’s ravenous hole.

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