Ethan Tate, Jordan Starr and
December 13, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 31sec

Achingly sexy twink cumdump Ethan Tate got himself cleaned up and ready for another hot load from beefy top Jordan Starr. The fuck buddy relationship they have is pretty straight-forward: no talking, just fucking. But sometimes, especially after a really steamy, passion-filled cum dump, the two gasping boys will cling to each other and make out for a really long time.

And yet, as soon as those juicy twink lips are unlocked and their tongues are back inside their own mouths, the very next place that Ethan’s lips and mouth go to is Jordan’s swollen cock! After a good, long while of really hot and really deep oral pleasures, Ethan is flipped over and his puckering boy hole devoured…

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