Andrew Delta, Jordan Starr and
August 23, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 27sec

Jordan Starr isn’t just a tall drink of water on a hot, summer day—he’s a hot, hung twink that can charm the clothes right off of ya!

And that’s just what he did to chiseled, tatted-up Andrew Delta. Jordan has a thing for eating out masc bottoms, so whenever he comes sniffing around Andrew, the muscle-sub always gets down on his knees real fast. Andrew loves, loves giving head, and he simply can’t get enough of Jordan’s awesome twink hard-on.

As many times ...[Read more]

As many times as Jordan has pumped and filled Andrew’s fuckhole, the dude’s vise-like rectum is always exceptionally tight. It’s not a wonder that Jordan, try as he might, doesn’t always last inside of Andrew’s ass as long as he’d like! But that doesn’t matter, because Andrew is a model cum-dump. He can spend the rest of the day taking load after load from Jordan… and if Jordan says so, he will.

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