Andrew Delta, Jordan Starr and
January 25, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 54sec

Toned, tatted-up stud Andrew Delta considers himself to be a true top. But damn, when that tall, ultra-sexy hunk Jordan Starr strolled into the sex dungeon, Andrew knew that he was going to be a cumdump!

Jordan throws his begging bottom boy onto the sex swing and gets to work. Sure enough, that sweet, tight ass of Andrew’s was a joy to pound away on. Andrew, reduced to a sweaty, moaning mess, didn’t think it was possible to be fucked this hard—nor did he think his cock could get any harder.

Brutal, raw, Jordan ...[Read more]

Brutal, raw, Jordan launches shots of cum deep inside his new favorite cumdump, and leaves his panting bottom swaying in the swing, gasping for air.

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