Brogan Reed and
August 25, 2021 | Full Length Video : 14min 25sec

Brogan loves nothing more than sitting back and getting his dick worshipped. And Jonathan is a devoted servant to his thick meat. Jonathan’s mouth bobs up and down, slobbering all over Brogan’s shaft, taking it as deep as he can before gagging. Even so, his throat can’t help but close down on the muscle man’s tool, giving him an intense sensation that builds up the load in his nuts.

Before long, Brogan’s hips feel the need to breed, compelling him to have Jonathan straddle his beefy body and grind into his loins. The pierced cock and nipples of the horny bottom drive Brogan wild, making his wet cock rock hard and ready to plunge deep in Jonathan’s hole. Jonathan spreads his legs, takes a deep breath, and readies himself for the alpha pounding Brogan is ready to give.

Sliding his bare ...[Read more]

Sliding his bare cock in Jonathan’s hole, Brogan lets out a passionate moan as the warm, tight muscle of his bottom wraps around him skin to skin. He can hardly contain his enthusiasm, aggressively dicking Jonathan as the bottom struggles to stay in place. Brogan’s heavy muscles give him extra thrust, banging against Jonathan and making him hold on tightly for support.

Jonathan manages to get himself on top of the beefy bull, riding his thick dick and bringing him closer and closer to cumming in his gut. Brogan is impressed that the bottom is capable of withstanding his breeding, feeling his load begin to move from his loins to the tip of his cock. Suddenly, the eruption fills Jonathan’s hole, flooding him with the top’s A-grade seed. Jonathan closes his eyes and smiles, satisfied by taking in every drop of his muscle top.

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