Jj Thorne, Spencer Daley and
October 07, 2018 | Full Length Video : 22min 25sec

J.J. and Spencer start out this scene making out already naked, J.J. is the first to get on his knees and suck Spencer's big fat cock. It isn't long though before Spencer returns the favor to J.J. which leads to J.J. rimming Spencer's ass and spanking him. Then It's J.J.'s turn to get his ass eaten, which Spencer does very well to get J.J. ready to take his cock. Spencer starts off slow to get J.J. used to his fat cock but quickly gets to a fast hard pounding which J.J. can't get enough of. In the spirit of flip fucking Spencer gets on his back for J.J. to have a turn topping. J.J. quickly gets up to a fast pounding speed which Spencer loves. The pair flip once more and Spencer takes over the role of topping. After another good round of pounding Spencer gets close and pulls out to shoot his big load all over J.J.'s dick, balls and stomach.

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