Jj Thorne, Logan Carter, Riley Ross and
August 13, 2019 | Full Length Video : 20min 22sec

Riley and Logan head out on a brisk fall afternoon for a little walk, bringing their camera along in the hope of finding some sexy men for their videos. When they come to a quiet, placid lake, they find just such a man! JJ is tempted by the idea of doing porn, especially with someone as hunky and beefy as Logan Carter!

Back in the hotel room, the smooth, lean twink wraps his body around Logan’s furry muscles. JJ’s hands move across his broad chest as they kiss, sneaking grabs at his thick cock. Logan can’t help but paw at JJ’s smooth butt, turned on by by its round, supple feel. But it’s Logan’s meaty, jock ass that JJ cannot wait to have his face buried in! With a playful smack on Logan’s hard bubble butt, JJ devours his pink hole.

As Logan bends ...[Read more]

As Logan bends his twink guest over the edge of the bed, he sinks his raw meat deep inside JJ’s tight hole. Logan’s hips push in and out like a piston, pulverizing JJ’s insides as his cock leaks precum, ready to shoot out a big, powerful load!

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