Jeremy George, Troye Jacobs and
June 15, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 58sec

Hot otter, Jeremy George, and porcelain-skinned twink boy, Troye Jacobs, are back together for yet another sensational hook-up in Atlanta. And yet again they seem intent on proving the age-old adage that opposites attract!

We find them naked but for their well-fitting jock straps, locked in a passionate embrace, tenderly kissing one another. Jeremy seductively runs his hands over the soft, smooth skin of Troye’s back, inching his probing fingers towards the young boy’s expectant crack.

Troye excitedly kneels ...[Read more]

Troye excitedly kneels on a bench, presenting his hole for detailed oral inspection. Jeremy gets straight to business, allowing his prehensile tongue to flicker and dance between Troye’s tight ass cheeks. The boy’s hole twitches. He feels a sudden, overwhelming desire to be penetrated…

…But he needs to taste Jeremy’s big dick first.

He pushes the older guy down onto the bench, squats between his legs and allows his beautiful rosy lips to glide up and down his master’s thick, meaty shaft. Jeremy’s dick instantly stands to attention, and within seconds is a weapon of considerable power!

Both men are now naked. Troye lies on his back, legs in the air. Moments later, Jeremy starts to slide his throbbing, veiny meat into the boy. Troye winces, suddenly feeling vulnerable. He needs Jeremy to be gentle with him today.

But once inside, Jeremy’s dick takes on a mind of its own. Troye’s ass is so tight and so welcoming that the older man is helpless to do anything but bang hard. Fortunately, Troye soon relaxes into the rhythm of the top man’s domineering strokes. His body ripples with waves of pure physical pleasure.

Jeremy delivers a near-perfect masterclass in the art of banging. Precum pours from Troye’s rock hard dick as his insides are energetically pounded. Jeremy unloads deep inside the boy, filling his tender hole with thick, creamy juices.

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