Jeremy George and Julian Waits
April 14, 2021 | Full Length Video : 31min 26sec

Jeremy George is all man: Mid twenties, tanned, lean, dark, swarthy looks, just the right amount of hair on his body... He’s worked with Jason Sparks on many occasions, and today, he finds himself in Atlanta, in a hotel bedroom, with a young lad called Julian Waits. Julian is not new to porn, but hasn’t worked with Jason before, so this is a voyage of discovery…

Julian has sandy-coloured, floppy hair and a hairless, almost porcelain-white body. He’s good looking in an artistic kind of way, and it’s little surprise to learn that he plays guitar, sings and writes his own songs.

The two men ...[Read more]

The two men get down to it straight away, stripping to their underwear and kissing passionately on the bed. They kiss for some time, bodies wrapped around each other. These guys have really good chemistry. Julian jerks himself off through his underpants. Pre-cum leaks out and darkens the fabric. His bulge is impressive.

Julian sits on the end of the bed, throwing his head back and moaning whilst Jeremy sucks him off. If you’re into lads in glasses, you’re in for a treat because Jeremy keeps his on throughout the encounter!

The two men switch places. Jeremy props himself up on the bed whilst Julian sucks his giant dick. Julian is plainly a highly-talented cock sucker. He works his mouth up and down the shaft, licks his balls and sucks real hard whilst Jeremy softly strokes the back of his head.

Julian gets on all fours and Jeremy kneels behind him, grabbing his balls and eating his ass, getting his tongue in real deep, preparing the sandy-haired twink for the ride of his life.

The fucking starts with Julian on his back, holding his own legs apart. Jeremy slowly pushes the entire length of his cock inside and picks up the pace pretty quickly. His dick is so big that Julian has to hold his hand over his mouth to stop himself from screaming in pleasure. The fuck is incredibly intense. Julian moans, groans and whimpers.

The next position sees Jeremy on his back with Julian, legs spread real wide, riding him, his dick bouncing, spinning and slapping loudly against his stomach as Jeremy thrusts deeper and deeper. Jeremy throws his head back on the pillow, enjoying every second of the ride.

The final position finds Julian on all fours on the bed with Jeremy kneeling behind so he can thrust his full length into the twink. He slams his dick into Julian’s ass, his pelvis noisily slapping against the lad’s pert ass cheeks. The tempo picks up. This is a fast, hard, rhythmic fuck and it’s nearing its climax…

Jeremy shoots a big, watery load onto Julian’s ass cheek before pushing his dick back into the lads ass. It’s unlikely either of them will forget this fuck in a hurry…

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