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Jax Thirio, Tom Bentley and Troye Jacobs

November 29, 2023 | Full Length Video : 27min 8sec

Daddy-loving twink Tom Bentley strutted into his favorite DILF’s bedroom for a screw. That DILF, Jax Thirio, almost asked the dirty boy if the thing jutting out of his bikini briefs was a banana, or was Tom just happy to see him? And who was that baby-faced hottie with him? Oh, that was constantly horny bottom jock Troye Jacobs!

Troye’s got a great idea for a hot afternoon romp: how about Tom and Jax take turns pounding his ass until he squirts a huge load? Sounds pretty hot! But you can bet that Tom and Jax are going to fill up that smooth boy bottom full of spunk first…!

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