Jason Sparks and
July 14, 2021 | Full Length Video : 10min 8sec

Jason is known for putting the hottest guys on camera to see them get rock hard and cum. And while Jason is happy to sit in the director’s chair and film, he’s just as comfortable showing off as well.

This handsome daddy keeps himself in great shape by eating right, staying active, and exercising regularly in the gym. His buddy, Spencer, grabs his camera and catches the legend in the middle of a midday pump, getting himself ready for a night on the town with his young friends. But before the big guy heads out, he’s promised Spencer a turn in front of the lens, showing off his body and his big cock!

Jason starts by ...[Read more]

Jason starts by running his hands over his chest and toned six pack, showing off their shape and form. He’s proud of what he’s built and invites you to look on and worship him. And when he pulls out his big cock, you can see why he’s a master of making porn.

As he strokes himself harder and harder, Spencer makes sure not to miss an inch of the muscle daddy’s beautiful body. Jason shows off his perfect, bubble butt, showing off his tight hole, tempting you to get in closer for a taste, maybe even to try fucking him as well.

Jason works himself up to the point of climax, but holds off long enough to stare into the lens and make sure you’re focused on his long, powerful shaft before it jets out a stream of his creamy load!

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