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jason, hunter & calvin: Chapter 1

May 21, 2020 | Full Length Video : 13min 20sec

Jason and his roommate have a very open, honest relationship! What with all the porn shoots and hot guys coming in and out, they know exactly what each other likes in a guy. Hunter’s friends are always curious about what goes on in their place, but rarely have the balls to get in front of the camera...

Fortunately ...More

Fortunately for Jason, Hunter is able to convince his hung, muscular friend, Calvin, to get on camera under the condition of anonymity; not just from the camera, but from Jason as well! The happy sub would gladly suck off any of Hunter’s young friends, and eagerly agrees to be a hole for anonymous cock.

As soon as they start shooting, Calvin gets rock hard. He can’t help but get turned on by Jason’s blindfolded eyes and open mouth. Calvin fucks Jason’s throat deeper and harder as he goes, feeling the total rush of power from being serviced. As Jason works his shaft, Calvin feels himself edge ever closer to dropping his load down the cocksucker’s throat!

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