Calvin, Hunter, Jason Sparks and
February 24, 2021 | Full Length Video : 15min 35sec

Jason is blindfolded and getting nailed from behind by a big, bareback dick with low hangers. Hunter’s hairy and thickly muscled frame makes Jason’s ass bounce as he slams into the bottom’s hole. Calvin circles with a camera, filming Hunter break now and then for some slower long dicking before gripping Jason’s hips again and plunging faster.

The men swap duties, and Calvin gets a turn at Jason’s hole while Hunter mans the camera. The only clue Jason has as to whose cock is plugging his hole is how deep he’s being hit. Calvin is also a little less aggressive as a top, but he’s thrusting deep while Hunter climbs across the bed for a better view.

The tops switch ...[Read more]

The tops switch places again and Hunter resumes his ass-ramming pace. Still on all fours, Jason tugs his cock and moans while his ass gets pummeled. Hunter is soon moaning in time with his thrusts and getting closer to popping his load. He pulls out just in time, stroking his long, veiny cock and shooting a load all the way up Jason’s back to the bottom’s shoulders! Wiping his hand through his cum, Hunter rubs some on his cock and shoves balls deep back inside Jason’s well-used.

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